The Milk Company


Credentials For User App
phone: 03043382285
password: 12345678
Credentials For Admin App
phone: 03043382286
password: 12345678
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Milk Company is a comprehensive mobile application ecosystem built using Flutter, designed to streamline the user experience for customers of a local milk company. As the lead developer, I conceptualised, designed, and implemented two distinct apps, the “Dairy Delight User App” and the “Dairy Delight Admin App,” to serve the unique needs of both customers and the milk company’s administrative team.

Milk Company User App:

The Milk Company User App is a user-friendly platform that empowers customers to effortlessly place orders for a wide range of dairy products. Users can browse the product catalog, add items to their cart, and place orders with just a few taps. They can also track the status of their orders in real-time, ensuring transparency and convenience. To enhance the user experience further, the app features a wallet management system, allowing users to add funds, view their wallet balance, and make hassle-free payments for their orders.

Milk Company Admin App:

The Milk Company Admin App equips the milk company’s administrative team with powerful tools to efficiently manage the entire operation. Administrators can access a comprehensive dashboard to monitor incoming orders, assign deliveries, and keep track of inventory levels. Additionally, the app allows administrators to manage user accounts, including updating user details, resetting passwords, and addressing user inquiries. One of the standout features of the admin app is the ability to dynamically manage banner advertisements, enabling the promotion of special offers and announcements to engage users effectively.

Technologies Used:

  • Flutter for cross-platform development
  • Firebase for real-time data synchronisation
  • Flutter Provider for state management
  • Firebase Authentication for secure user accounts
  • Google Maps integration for order tracking
  • Firebase Cloud Functions for backend logic
  • Material Design for a visually appealing user interface

This project highlights my expertise in mobile app development, user experience design, and backend integration. It demonstrates my ability to create a seamless and intuitive mobile ecosystem that benefits both customers and the business. Dairy Delight is a testament to my commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance user convenience and streamline business operations.